switch to DCHP from static ip

al plant noc at hdk5.net
Sat Aug 2 01:49:45 UTC 2014


The Telcom here in Honolulu has brought in FiberOptic lines in my 
neighborhood since the old copper was really bad speed. Cost was reduced 
and speed is now excellent.

I need a how-to for moving an APSfilter print server on my static IP 
lan  to  working with a DHCP network. The Telcom installed a PACE 
wireless and told me I can add as many  computers as I  need using a 
Netgear  Gigabit switch.

I have installed one  desktop on the switch and it has worked fine so far.

I never ised DHCP befor so any help would be appreciated.

FreeBSD 8.*  hostname="mano.intra.net"
ifconfig-re0=" netmask"
For desktop I used >
ifconfig-re0="DHCP" to replace IP address. I seems to find the network fine. Now I cant find any information about putting a print server on the lan.  
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