pkg problem after upgrade pkg on 10.0

Radek Krejča radek.krejca at
Fri Aug 1 18:25:40 UTC 2014


I have problem with pkg after upgrade. More at bottom. I tried to delete repo with command

rm -rf /var/db/pkg/repo* && pkg upgrade

and problem is the same.

Thank you

Updating repository catalogue
digests.txz                                                                                                                                                                                      100% 1087KB   1.1MB/s   1.1MB/s   00:00
packagesite.txz                                                                                                                                                                                  100% 5022KB   4.9MB/s   3.2MB/s   00:01
Incremental update completed, 23257 packages processed:
23044 packages updated, 223 removed and 183 added.
New version of pkg detected; it needs to be installed first.
Upgrades have been requested for the following 1 packages:

        Upgrading pkg: 1.2.7_3 -> 1.3.3

The upgrade will require 1 MB more space

2 MB to be downloaded

Proceed with upgrading packages [y/N]: y
pkg-1.3.3.txz                                                                                                                                                                                    100% 2212KB   2.2MB/s   2.2MB/s   00:01
Checking integrity... done
[1/1] Upgrading pkg from 1.2.7_3 to 1.3.3... done
If you are upgrading from the old package format, first run:

  # pkg2ng
Updating repository catalogue
pkg: Repo "FreeBSD" upgrade schema 2006 to 2007: Add conflicts and provides
pkg: Repo "FreeBSD" upgrade schema 2007 to 2008: Add FTS index
pkg: Repo "FreeBSD" upgrade schema 2008 to 2009: Optimize indicies
pkg: Repo "FreeBSD" upgrade schema 2009 to 2010: Add legacy digest field
pkg: Not Found

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