Spam to list participants (from &

Mike Sanders tmp1 at
Wed Apr 30 11:31:32 UTC 2014

Olivier Nicole wrote:

> Spam is *not* sent to the list, so abuse button or anything will not
> help at all.
> The spamers harvest the addresses from some web archive of the list
> (or because they subscribed to the list themselves) but they do not
> use the list to send smap.
> FreeBSD list *cannot* help on the matter.

Oliver, you've just (albeit unwittingly) proved my point by CC'ing
this message...

No email address other than freebsd-questions at should be
broadcast to others. If you did not have access to my personal
email address (provided to you by the the freebsd list), then
you could not have emailed me off list to begin with correct?

Mike Sanders
gpg: 0xD94D4C13

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