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Mike Sanders tmp1 at
Wed Apr 30 10:46:20 UTC 2014

RW wrote:

> > If a policy were implemented whereby (say) the first
> > two messages of new subscribers where approved/denied
> > by the list-owner, this problem would end.
> It wouldn't, it's off-list. 

Which implies all list members email addresses are exposed
to the world at large? How else would an email address be
gained by spammers... If that's the case it needs to be changed.

But back to the idea of a temporary quarantine for new posters,
here's my thinking...

. create a procmail filter that directs new posters to
  an appointed 'list-mom'.

. list-mom reviews the first two emails that new posters
  submit looking for BSD related content.

. obvious offenders (pizza hut anyone?) are given the boot,
  while legitimate posters are passed on to the list with
  status now upgraded as legit (removed from the procmail
Why would this not work?

Mike Sanders
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