Monitoring directories

Jack Stone jacks at
Tue Apr 29 22:53:07 UTC 2014

I have no doubt this list can answer this question, perhaps with more 
than one way to do it.

I need to be able to monitor the sub-directories in /usr & /var so the 
sizes don't get too large. I do rotate log files and those are not of 
a concern.

I realize I can run this command line, but gives way too much info not 
needed. I would like to be able to have a set of commands to spit out 
a list of sub-dirs that exceed a certain size only.

This give a full list:
# du -hs * | sort -n me a sorted list of ALL directory sizes.

How can I tell it or another cmd set to only list those subs that 
exceed a certain size?

Appreciate any help.

All the best,

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