Newbie question on ZFS on FreeBSD

Martin Braun yellowgoldmine at
Sat Apr 26 04:55:32 UTC 2014

I am currently running a setup using NFS on Linux with 2x4TB, 1x3TB and 1x1TB.

Now I want to buy 2x2TB and install FreeBSD with ZFS on for raidz. In
that setup I want to use the two old 4TB disks so I get a ZFS with

As I understand in raidz I would then have 12TB of storage and the
last 4TB is for redundancy.

However, is it possible to use ZFS on 2x2TB for installation and then
later add 2x2TB for the raidz, so I end up with a pool of 12TB and 4TB
for redundancy, or do I need 4x4TB clean disks before I begin?

In other words.. I want raidz, but I have a lot of data on the two old
4TB disks, how do I best deal with the situation?

Kind regards.

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