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> >> On Apr 21, 2014, at 12:48 PM, Fbsd8 <fbsd8 at> wrote:
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> >> If phpmyadmin was a pkgng I wouldn't mind installing all those default supported functions that I never use. But since I am using the port method I want to un-select all those default options from the command line. What are the new [make -D] options to un-select then in mass?
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> > Change directory to the port, and run 'make config'. This brings up an interactive dialogue for you to configure the build options for the port. Then run make install to install the package with the custom options you just selected.
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> > However, I'd certainly recommend doing this all through portmaster.
> > pkg install portmaster
> > portmaster www/phpmyadmin
> > 
> > When you run portmaster, it should bring up the configuration dialog that you would get through make config default. However, if this is not the case, call it with
> > portmaster --force-config www/phpmyadmin
> > 
> >> What are the required dependences necessary to get basic phpmyadmin to run?
> >>
> >> Is there some [make] command option to change the location {directory path} where the phpmyadmin php code gets installed.
> >> Some location different than the default /usr/local/www/phpmyadmin
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> Thank you Matthew Pherigo for your reply.
> Besides the [make config] method there is a way to over ride what the 
> config file contains by coding "with=" and/or "without=" on the [make 
> install] command line, that way no human intervention is necessary.

In the past, there has been such a mechanism which I've been
using for things like configuring mplayer. Maybe you can also
try this in your case?

Go into the port's directory and create a file Makefile.local.
In this file, you can define the options (which you can get
their names from the port's Makefile). The options usually
have the form of WITH_SOMETHING=yes.

Downside: When you update your ports tree, the file will be
removed, so keep a backup!

> My question deals with [what are the operands the go with the "with=" 
> and/or "without=" make command syntax for the options shown by the
> [make config] command for phpmyadmin.

That should be possible to conclude from the original Makefile.

> About portmaster, My over goal is to keep the port compile time to a 
> minimum. To that end I do [pkg install xxx] for all the dependents of 
> the desired port.

You can use "make missing" to find out which those are, and also
pipe that command's output to "pkg install -y".

> Then I code the desired config options on the [make 
> install] command so no human intervention is required and only the 
> desired port is compiled.

Note that the list of dependencies might change _after_ you have
changed options. Also see "make config-recursive" to find out if
dependent ports have other options you might want to change.

> Now are you saying I can have portmaster 
> compile the desired port and automatically use packages for all the 
> ports dependents?

With portmaster, you can use the -P and -PP options to _require_
the use of binary packages (as long as they are available). See
"man portmaster" for details.

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