is there a complete "FreeBSD 9.X/10.X installation guide" download?

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Mon Apr 21 06:16:36 UTC 2014

On Mon, 21 Apr 2014 13:40:02 +0800, wipedrivepro wipedrivepro wrote:
> eg in .doc or .pdf format of
> it's hard to download it one by one

You can download the full HTML version (in opposite to the
split HTML version you've refered to) from this source:

This will contain the full handbook.

Additional idea:

Open this page in your web browser and press ^P. Redirect the
output to a file (usually a .ps file). Then use ps2pdf to make
a PDF file from it, and then use pdftk to extract the chapters
you want to have (use a PDF viewer such as xpdf or gv to find
the page numbers representing that range).

Probably you can also use the misc/freebsd-doc port to generate
the PS or PDF output you want. If you already have it installed,
you'll find The FreeBSD Handbook here:


The files book.html and book.txt can be found in this directory.

Note that FreeBSD does not publish free and open documentation
in proprietary formats such as "DOC" because using such a format
would be a bad idea as it limits usability and portability of

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