How to review pkgng remote dir tree for package names

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Sun Apr 20 15:54:40 UTC 2014

On 20/04/2014 16:16, Fbsd8 wrote:
> Now that pkgng is on the road to becoming the default package method,
> need a way to scroll through the online pkg directory
> tree to locate packages that have new names.
> I tried ftp to
> but don't think it likes "anonymous" login.
> What is the preferable method of manual review.

You're thinking about it all wrong.  pkg(8) already downloads the
repository catalogue to your local machine.  So you don't need to
connect to the pkg servers to hunt for information about packages --
just about everything that is available to know is already on your local

Read the pkg-search(8) and pkg-rquery(8) man pages.  pkg-search(8) is
meant to be the human-friendly manual interface, while pkg-rquery(8) is
intended for scripting use, but of course, you can use them in either
role as it suits you.

Pkg do not record historic data -- just what they needed at the point of
being built.  The best resource for tracking packages that get renamed
or deleted is still the MOVED file in ports.



Dr Matthew J Seaman MA, D.Phil.

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