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Victor Gamov vit at
Sun Apr 20 15:05:13 UTC 2014

Hi All

I have one FreeBSD NFS-4 server and some FreeBSD NFS- 4 clients.  And I want to export different parts of server filesystems to clients.

I try the following at /etc/exports:

V4:  /  -network=
# I assume al clients from this network will have access to server

/usr/ports -maproot=root -network=
# I want to allow mount servers /usr/ports by all clients

/pub/files/dir23 -maproot=root -network=
# access /pub/files/dir23 from only

/pub/files/dir24 -maproot=root -network=
# access /pub/files/dir24 from only

But now allow to mount /pub/files/dir23 too

Is it possible via NFS-4?  If so where I have mistake (at syntax or at my logic)?

Thanks for advice!

Victor Gamov
vit at

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