Valgrind and strlen

Ben Laurie ben at
Sun Apr 20 11:09:39 UTC 2014

I've been running valgrind and I get a lot of:

==20561== Invalid read of size 8
==20561==    at 0x207CC: ??? (in /libexec/
==20561==    by 0x14198: ??? (in /libexec/
==20561==    by 0x163A6: ??? (in /libexec/
==20561==    by 0x16CB2: ??? (in /libexec/
==20561==    by 0x179C6: ??? (in /libexec/

I'm pretty sure this is caused by strlen().

I read somewhere that valgrind needs to replace strlen, but
doesn't have the symbol for it. Is this a bug? Or what?

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