How to build and install Apache from source inside ezjail?

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Fri Apr 18 03:00:11 UTC 2014

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On 4/17/2014 10:56 PM, edflecko . wrote:
> I like the ease of using ezjail, but I'd like to install the current
> version of Apache from source so I can build it with the options I want and
> install it the way I want. However, I'm guessing I should install Apache in
> the same location as ezjail would if I had installed it from ports to take
> advantage of the security aspects of ezjail.
> Can someone offer some advice on installing Apache from source in an ezjail
> created jail?

You install your ports tree:

ezjail-admin install -P
that sets up ports in each jail. you can use ezjail-admin update -P to update the ports. then you just build it from ports from within the jail itself.

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