gpt and Windows & FreeBSD dualboot?

Mario Zorin mario.zorin.freebsd at
Fri Apr 18 00:23:57 UTC 2014


Sorry if this question is discussed before, but I can't find the answer to
my exact question in the archives.

Namely: is it possible to gpt partition a disk and to use it for Windows (7
or 8) / FreeBSD dual boot?

Something like this:

/dev/ada2p1 - boot
/dev/ada2p2 - Windows 7 or 8
/dev/ada2p3 - FreeBSD /
/dev/ada2p4 - FreeBSD swap
/dev/ada2p5 - FreeBSD /var
/dev/ada2p6 - FreeBSD /usr
/dev/ada2p7 - FreeBSD /home

Will Windows see that particular partition and be happy to install itself

If not, what is the recommended way for dualbooting of this kind these days?

Many thanks in advance,

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