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Thu Apr 17 20:59:52 UTC 2014

The following is from the FreeBSD quarterly status report. Question:
What technologies is FreeBSD using to thwart SPAM?

FreeBSD Postmaster Team

   Contact: FreeBSD Postmaster Team <postmaster at>

   The FreeBSD Postmaster Team is responsible for mail being correctly
   delivered to the committers' email addresses, ensuring that the
   lists work, and should take measures against possible disruptions of
   project mail services, such as having troll-, spam- and

   In the first quarter of 2014, the team has implemented these items
   may be interest of the general public:

     * Continued a discussion on current and possible future mail and
     * Discovered more of what needs to be done for a new year (with
       respect to email archives), did what we could, and recorded the
       steps for next time.
     * Added Kubilay Kocak to donations, requested by Pietro Cerutti.
     * Added Warren Block to doceng.
     * Made sure portmgr receives bounces for pkg-fallout messages.
     * Created a jenkins-admin mail alias.
     * Enabled Mailman password reminder emails again.
     * Discovered that all Mailman cron jobs were disabled in November
       during upgrades. Enabled those again. This caused problems like
       digests not being sent.

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