Learning how to incorporate all my needs threw your system !!!

John Derry johnjohnderry at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 18:25:58 UTC 2014

Good Afternoon peoples,I wish to know if it's possible to gain a better
understanding of the operating system so I can put the system on so
refurbished computers as this will be what i shall use to make extra money
in these struggling times us Americans are going threw this harsh times
that the powers that be has put before us .
Now knowing that all the money has been stripped outta our country which
mean if we ever are gonna bring the money back home we are going  have to
put the work in as a people beyond race creed or color !
 We know whats being done those of us who don't count on the T.V for our
news and us who know history or there story of the heavy in fighting  to
prevent and of our common folks from getting into the 300 club or the Blue
Blood club. Now as hard work goes if we unite and put the each one teach
one first we can deflate those who want to strangle us with the so- Called
Federal Reserve !!!!! My Name is John Edward Derry  and allow me the info
and the knowledge on the open source network, So I can use the system and
spread the system in my Computers and  maybe create some software to work
within the system
             Shoot me a message to get me started so i can  put the work in
alright ?

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