make installworld failed

Mike Casper mikecspr at
Tue Apr 15 01:16:45 UTC 2014

I'm new to freebsd and there isn't anything important on the machine that
I'm working with. Worse case scenario is that I reinstall, but I'd like to
try and figure out issue like this before things move ahead.

I installed ports & src with svn. Then I followed the procedures from the
Overview of Build World Process. Everything worked fine until make

make installworld fails with:

Install blah blah blah
Install blah blah blah
Install -o root -g wheel -m 444 btree.3.gz  /usr/share/man/man3
Install: btree.3.gz: No such file or directory
*** Error Code 71

make[5] : stopped in /usr/src/lib/libc
*** Error Code 1

I did a find / -name btree.3.gz, and its results are

I coped the local file to /usr/src/lib/libc and ran make installworld
again, but received the same results.

I haven't rebooted and I'm still in single user mode with the zvol mounted
as per the handbook procedure.

My first question, is the -g wheel correct (is it supposed to be -g root?)
or did I incorrectly merge the /etc files with mergemaster -p?

Secondly, can I use  btree.3.gz from ../man/man3 and if so, where would I
put it to stop make installworld from failing?

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