numerous questions: ssh and jails, installation with YASR support, migration, and development

Littlefield, Tyler tyler at
Sun Apr 13 23:58:28 UTC 2014

Hello all:
I had a few questions. I'm sorry for the long email, but I wanted to 
lump them all together so I wasn't sending 90 emails.

1) I have a bunch of different jails configured on my BSD system. right 
now I have PF doing RDR from port 30000+ to the port on the internal 
jail IP. Obviously having 90 different ssh ports is a bit messy, is 
there a way around this? Can I somehow set up SSH on the host to let me 
log into the jail provided a username and password?
2) I would really like to pull together an installation with YASR 
support to make the installation self-voicing. Can someone give me some 
ideas in terms of what would be needed? How would I get the YASR package 
into freebsd installation, and how might I go about detecting a default 
sound card.
3) I'm starting to migrate my Linode services over to BSD. Is there a 
way using DNS to migrate web first, then mail? I don't want to shut 
everything off until I can move web over, make sure it works then move 
mail. Is there a failsafe solution in case my postfix is broken for the 
mail to fallback to the Linux server? How have people done this in the past?
4) I would really like to start contributing code and patches to 
FreeBSD. As of right now, I don't have a bsd system at home that I can 
reinstall and upgrade without having to worry about breaking things. Is 
there perhaps a way to do an installation over SSH or something so that 
I can install FreeBSD in a vm? What do people use for development 
systems? I thought about buying a cheap $10 server from Arpnetworks, but 
money is a bit tight at the moment for me.

Thanks in advance for the help,

Take care,
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