blindly passing on shell flags ($- )?

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> Subject: blindly passing on shell flags ($- )?
> As I read the man page for sh and bash, the variable $- is supposed to
> represent the flags passed to the script.  However, whenever I look at it
it is
> empty.

$- represents the flags set with the "set" command, not positional
For positional arguments, see either "$@" or "$*".

> Reading between the lines, it appears one may have to call getopts so the
> shell knows what the flags are, but that doesn't seem to change what's
> available in $-.

getopts operates on positional arguments ($@ or $*) not option-flags.
Perhaps confusing is that the "set" command is used in modification of
either option-flags (primary function) or positional arguments (arguably
secondary function).

For example, changing an option-flag (which would change value of $-)

	set -e

And example for changing positional arguments (post-invocation; having
an effect on the $@ or $* variables)

	set -- arg1 arg2 arg3 ...

> Fundamentally, I want to add an arg (not a flag) and pass the whole
> on to another script.  Seems like this should be trivial but I can't get
it to work.

You would use "$@" in passing positional arguments to another script (this
will ensure proper expansion so each positional argument is passed as-is;
unlike "$*" which will join them together separated by the internal field
aka $IFS).

> The flags seem to be treated as a normal arg.
> The only way I seem to be able to get what I want is to interpret all the
> in the first script and pass them explicitly to the second, which is what
> trying to avoid.
> foo:
>   #!/bin/sh
>   echo foo here
>   echo flags $-
>   echo args $1 $2
>   bar $- INSERTED $1 $2
>   getopts ah flag
>   bar $- INSERTED $1 $2

> bar:
>   #!/bin/sh
>   echo bar here
>   echo flags $-
>   echo args $1 $2 $3
> $foo -a abc
> foo here
> flags
> args -a abc
> bar here
> flags
> args INSERTED -a abc
> bar here
> flags
> args INSERTED -a abc
> What am I missing?

Use "$@" instead of "$-" -- flags are not args.

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