FreeBSD Handbook, upgrading ports incorrect with 10.0-RELEASE?

Remy van Elst relst at
Wed Apr 9 10:28:52 UTC 2014


Since I converted to pkgng my usual way to upgrade ports doesn't work 
anymore. It comes from the handbook, section 5.5.3, Upgrading ports: :

To determine if newer versions of installed ports are available, ensure 
that the latest version of the ports tree is installed, using the 
updating command described in either Procedure 5.1 or Procedure 5.2. 
Then, run this command to get a listing of the ports which are older 
than the currently available version:

|#|  *|pkg_version -l "<"

|*|However, with pkgng (or, now just pkg), that command seems to be missing, as also seen in this forum post:

Now, also in the handbook, there is a section about using pkgng, and 
there it says the following:

      5.4.4. Upgrading Installed Packages

Packages that are outdated can be found with |pkg version|. If a local 
ports tree does not exist, pkg-version(8) will use the remote repository 
catalogue. Otherwise, the local ports tree will be used to identify 
package versions.

As I just tried, replacing pkg_version -l "<" with pkg version -l "<" 
(note the underscore) gives the same result and allows me to 
recompile/update the ports that are outdated.

Maybe this can be added to the handbook? As in, for non-pkgng do this, 
for pkgng do this. I find my level of knowledge on FreeBSD not enough to 
submit a patch myself, therefore the mailing list seems good.

Remy van Elst

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