Please Let Me Know When You Have A Live CD With GUI

Mayuresh Kathe mayuresh at
Tue Apr 8 04:58:44 UTC 2014

On Mon, Apr 07, 2014 at 09:17:26PM -0700, Mel Thompson wrote:
> I mention all this just to give you some perspective on the main issue I want to bring up to you: If a person of my background still can't get any version of FreeBSD installed on what are, admittedly, the old and outdated computers I can afford to maintain, it seems then that, in spite of many errors I am sure I am making, that the process of installing FreeBSD is still somehow not user friendly. For that matter, forget installing: I've never been able to get a Live CD, which should require not installing, and should be complete on its own, to boot into a Graphical User Interface. A kind of terminal-line-command-prompt is the best I ever got.

could you please elaborate on what you mean by old and outdated computers
you can afford to maintain?
> Let me know if such a product is ever developed, as I should eagerly await it's arrival. Too, part of the fault is mine because I have quirky machines like Aopen mini-computers and Mac Minis which are quirky anyway. But, in spite of all the weakness of these machines and the huge gaps in my technical knowledge, I notice that I've gotten probably dozens of distros of Linux to work, even on weird drives where they aren't supposed to work, and even on old, ugly machines with the wrong specs. So I appreciated the flexibility of those distros to accommodate both my flaws and the flaws of my rather haggard equipment.

the data you've presented is somehow wrong.
you claim to have played around with various linux distros, including debian
based stuff, yet you found freebsd to be difficult to install!!
that's the weirdest statement i've heard in my entire life.

> Even if you are unable to accommodate me, I will always be a fan of your work and grateful for what you've done for the universe of computing. And, of course, I know real system administrators who have great technical prowess and world-class equipment. They are often quite clear that, at the level they work on, FreeBSD is light years ahead of almost every OS one could think of. In any case, please keep me informed if developments happen to go my way.

nobody is going to go out of their way to inform *you*, you just need to be
motivated enough to fetch information which is of use to you.
if you want to remain informed, it would be advisable to hang around on the
freebsd mailing lists or keep an eye on a news portal like slashdot or even



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