Richard Stallman remains hypocritical liar?

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Sat Apr 5 14:17:14 UTC 2014

Richard Stallman a Marxist? I don't think so: I believe that he's an

As you say, the difference might not be obvious to everybody who club
them all as "reds", but anarchism (the name of their philosophy - note
their philosophy is NOT anarchy equating to chaos) promotes individual
and civic freedom. I found a document in my Debian distro giving a
description of anarchism, and you might like to look it up. To get
another view, see the essay by Jamie Poole, "To anarchism we must go"

I have not heard him speak on the subject of anarchism, but I have
heard Richard Stallman espouse the subject of Free Software and the
freedoms it gives us. Indeed his reason for starting the Free Software
Movement was to maximise personal freedom, not for making any financial
gain. This fits in easily with anarchist principles, so I believe him
to be an anarchist.

I'm not sure if you are a citizen of the United States, but you might
like to look up The Industrial Workers of The World -the IWW or
'Wobblies'. They still exist,and are a world-wide movement now. The
Preamble to its Constitution contains the most crystallised wording of
anarcho-syndacalism I have seen and you might want to look for
that,too, as evidence of a different type of anarchism that exists.

The internet, with its decentralised structure and with its empowerment
of the individual,is an anarchist structure writ large, despite the
fact that some people regard it a structure for e-commerce. In defence
of the internet and his championing of free software shows him to be a
defender of freedom and free software, and not a hypocritical liar. Or
perhaps I've misunderstood what you call a lie?

--Graham Todd
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