freebsd : 10 : mutt : 1.5.23 : with ssmtp?

Mike Sanders tmp1 at
Sat Apr 5 08:41:48 UTC 2014

Mayuresh Kathe wrote:

> hello,
> still not given up on using mutt 1.5.23 on my freebsd 10 system.
> a bit of experimentation with a lot of failures has led me to
> believe that using a mutt compiled without ssl/sasl support but
> used in combination with ssmtp might be good enough for me.
> does anyone have any experience running mutt with ssmtp?
> if yes, may i know if it works and if it works well enough? :)

You can of course compile mutt from ports with builtin smtp support...

Or, if you insist on external smtp, try [m]smtp which is
made specifically for mutt. My instructions using gmail
are here:


In any event, you most likely still need ssl/tls.

Mike Sanders
gpg: 0xD94D4C13

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