wireless customer change

R. Scott Evans freebsd-questions at rsle.net
Fri Apr 4 18:53:45 UTC 2014

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On 04/04/14 14:38, R. Scott Evans wrote:
> Okay, I have another odd one...
> User cherylp (Nugent Sand) was offline and according to the wireless DB
> they were off Milton 900.  Frank was dispatched, only to get out there
> and find they were actually a 3.65 customer off of Rykers.
> After hearing this, I checked inventory and indeed their gear is 3.65 in
> there but the signup DB is wrong.  Is there a chance a database
> restore/replication was done with old data at some point?  As the
> customer is back online now, I've left it untouched in case you wanted
> to look at it?
> -scott
> On 04/04/14 10:14, R. Scott Evans wrote:
>> Paul and/or Dave,
>> Erin called about user "lthurnall" a bit ago stating the users internet
>> stopped working last night.  According to Erin, everything was/is as it
>> should be in billing but for whatever reason the customer was marked as
>> cancelled in the wireless database and the radio IP & asset/SN info was
>> removed.
>> Erin set it back to Installed and I was able to restore the IP and asset
>> info (hopefully the inventory DB was still correct) and reenable the BSR
>> index, but didn't know if either of you had any insight on this?
>> -scott

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