Freebsd as a virtualbox HOST

dweimer dweimer at
Wed Apr 2 15:01:57 UTC 2014

On 04/02/2014 9:30 am, krad wrote:
> whops i seem to have dropped
> the freebsd vms would be converted to VIMAGE jails.
> On 2 April 2014 15:28, krad <kraduk at> wrote:
>> I'm currently running a set of vms on top of solaris 11 and 
>> virtualbox. As
>> a lot of them are freebsd im thinking I might get better overall
>> performance in converting the host OS to freebsd and then running vbox 
>> on
>> it for the leftover linux and windows vms.
>> There is scant information out there about freebsd as a 
>> host/hypervisor,
>> as its not officially supported. Does it perform well/bad? Is it 
>> stable or
>> flakey? Are there any decent resources I havent found yet?
>> Before anyone asks all my data pools are v28 so importing should be ok
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Look here for some more info:

In my personal experience it works ok, if you have plenty of memory 
(unlike a Virtual box VM under windows it will fail to start if you 
don't have as much free ram on the host as you have allocated to the 
VM), and are not expecting stellar graphics in the VMs.  Make sure to 
tune your zfs arc max value down so that you keep the memory available 
for the VMs

    Dean E. Weimer

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