(still) problems with email/ssl and t-online.de/telekom.de [solved]

Johannes-Maria Kaltenbach johannes-maria at t-online.de
Wed Apr 2 12:55:23 UTC 2014


On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 11:53:53AM +0200, Johannes-Maria Kaltenbach wrote:
> ... When/if the problem is solved I will inform you.

Thanks for all the help!

I'm now able to send emails via securesmtp.t-online.de with ssl.

The 'solved' is not quite correct since I still don't know what
I've done wrong. I now inform you what I've done in case someone
else has similar problems.

On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 09:28:13AM +0000, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> In my case, I don't use sendmail at all.
> I use msmtp and mpop on command line, ...

Getting the mails from securepop.t-online.de (with POP3+SSL) works
so I stay with getmail but I tried msmtp instead of sendmail.
The connection to securesmtp.t-online.de was made but the mail not
sent with the error message 'the server sent an empty reply'.

So I looked for something similar and found nbsmtp. I installed it,
created the necessary ~/.nbsmtprc and added in muttrc
| set sendmail="/usr/local/bin/nbsmtp -h securesmtp.t-online.de -p 465 ...
With this I got in /var/log/maillog:
| nbSMTP[4131]: Creating SSL connection to host (securesmtp.t-online.de:465)
| nbSMTP[4131]: Error issuing MAIL command
| nbSMTP[4131]: Server said: '5.7.0 Authentication required.'
| nbSMTP[4131]: Something went wrong. Mail NOT sent. \
|  Activate debug for more info

I looked for a debug option in man nbsmtp and found
| -D     Enable debug to syslog
so I added a -D in muttrc:
| set sendmail="/usr/ports/mail/nbsmtp/work/nbsmtp-1.00/nbsmtp -D \
| set sendmail="/usr/local/bin/nbsmtp -D -h securesmtp.t-online.de -p 465 ...

But now I didn't get an error message with debug info
but better: now the mail was sent (but I don't know why; I did nothing
but adding the -D option).
The mail was sent and /var/log/maillog says:
| nbSMTP[12626]: Creating SSL connection to host (securesmtp.t-online.de:465)
| nbSMTP[12626]: Authentication succeded [johannes-maria]
| nbSMTP[12626]: Recipient accepted [johannes-maria at t-online.de]
| nbSMTP[12626]: Mail sent for johannes-maria at t-online.de. Closing connection

Thanks very much for your patience and help,

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