Labeling SATA ports

Tobias Famulla dev at
Tue Apr 1 15:12:45 UTC 2014


I use a server with several HDDs in one enclosure. I use ZFS which
identifies the disks via UUID, so the system knows which HDDs are in the
slots, eventhough the naming (ada0...) might change.
I added the HDDs one after another to map the the slots to the 'scbus',
'target' and 'lun', shown via camcontrol.
Now I would like to label the slots (not the partitions or drives,
because this is done by ZFS) to a name like (slot0...slot7) to put a
sticker on the enclosure to be easily able to change a HDD with a
failure and do not have to guess in which slot the HDD is located.
Of course i could write the scbus, target and lun number on the slots,
but is there an easier way to map these numbers (the physical SATA port)
to a name, for example by using camcontrol or anything else?

I imaging changing a drive like this: zpool tells me a drive has a
defect, do 'zpool detach tank slot5', go to the server room and put a
new drive in slot with number 5 printed on it, do 'zpool attach tank
slot5', be happy.



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