failed memstick install

Eric Roseman Eric.Roseman at Colorado.EDU
Tue Apr 1 01:19:42 UTC 2014


I've recently installed FreeBSD 10.0 using the memstick image
and following the install directions in the handbook as closely as
possible. After rebooting the screen displays "Operating System Not Found"
and refuses to boot. I've double checked the bios settings to ensue this
disk is the default boot target and tested booting from both legacy bios
and UEFI to no avail. The system is a lenove thinkpad x120e. I'm curious
if this is a bug in the installer anyone else has experienced.

I created the usb install flash drive with the following command:

  dd if=FreeBSD-10.0-RELEASE-amd64-memstick.img of=/dev/<usbdevice> bs=64k

Then confirmed the sha256 checksum of both the 'if' and 'of' targets. I
also tried with multiple different usb flash drives.

For a majority of the steps during the install I selected the
default/recommended options and chose the guided partitioning method
with a default layout using the entire disk which created a GPT layout
with three partitions freebsd-boot, freebsd-ufs, and freebsd-swap. The
install process finished without error. Is there a boot flag I need to
set on the freebsd-boot partition?



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