# portmaster -r pixman fails with !#/bin/sh list too long

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 30 21:35:13 UTC 2013

Dear folks,

In updating ports I encounter above issue and cannot proceed.

  AFFECTS: users of x11/pixman
  AUTHOR: zeising at FreeBSD.org

  The library version of x11/pixman has changed, and portrevision has
  been bumped in all dependent ports.  If you have external software that
  depends on pixman, this software needs to be recompiled.
  To recompile all software dependent on pixman, run:

  # portmaster -r pixman
  # portupgrade -rf pixman

The messages are that a pkg texlive-ub*.... and that #!/bin/sh list
too long.  I try to run
# portmaster -d -r pixman -x 'texlive-*'
but it still fails in the same place :(
I am using texlive-freebsd from Romain Tartiere's googlecode page in
case it is important.  Please advice me so I can succeed to fix these
issue.  I lost X because I failed to read the /usr/src/UPDATING advice
and then I realized that I overlooked this :(

Best Regards,


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