cause of reboot

Emre Çamalan mailist at
Mon Sep 30 14:24:22 UTC 2013

my server reboots every night and same o'clock last 10 days. But this machine's uptime was 96days.

Suddenly reboot this machine and now this continue every night again and again.

I didn't find any reason and I didn't change anything else.

I looked "last" command, 
reboot ~ ~   AM 03.15  ~

I checked "dmesg -a" , it has only generic things no other things.

I checked "/var/log/messages"

I wrote script and checked swapinfo , cpu and memory but all of them was normal before reboot.

I checked crontab and scripts.

I checked "crashinfo"  but no dump from kernel.

I didn't find any useful info from this commands.

I checked "praudit /var/audir/20130930..CrashRecovery"  
and I didn't understand very well from this file but I think this means my machine crash and reboot isn't it??

And How can I understand what is the reason of rebooting my FreeBSD8.3 server.

Please help I need to find cause of reboot..

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