Is it possible to suspend to disk with geli+Root on ZFS installation

Ian Smith smithi at
Sat Sep 28 08:58:07 UTC 2013

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On Fri, 27 Sep 2013 17:37:55 +1000 yudi v <yudi.tux at> wrote:

 > Hi all,
 > Is it possible to suspend to disk (hibernate) when using geli for full disk
 > encryption. My set-up is listed below. So I am going to have an encrypted
 > container and ZFS on top. There are two options for the swap with this
 > set-up, either use a swap file on the ZFS pool or use a separate partition
 > for swap and encrypt that. What I want to know is will either of this work
 > with suspend to disk.

FreeBSD does not support suspend to disk (ACPI state S4) at all.  It's 
been some years since I last heard of any attempts to implement STD.

Suspend to RAM (state S3) works on some machines, including mine.  If it 
works on yours then I suspect use of ZFS shouldn't be an extra issue.

I haven't used ZFS, so can't comment on the rest of your message(s).

cheers, Ian

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