Throughput test with iperf..

Talayeh Asadi talayeh.asadi at
Sat Sep 28 06:50:32 UTC 2013

hi everyone,

this might be a bit off-topic but i am really confused and in need of your
helps.. :(

i need to understand what exactly iperf does while testing network

i'm trying to run a throughput+frame loss test on a router using iperf, and
i am really confused with the definitions given for throughput and
packet-loss and iperf output..

as i have seen through my searches, throughput is the maximum transfer rate
at which we have no packet loss, so i thought i have to rerun iperf for
different transfer rate(in udp test), so i reach maximun rate while having
no drops...

but i have seen test videos in which they ran iperf once, with maximum
bandwidth of the line, and just used the reported throughput and packet
loss as the required result!

what's on? does iperf calculate the throughput independent from
packet-loss? and why is it reporting it named as bandwidth??

thank you all..

Kind regards,

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