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Fri Sep 27 19:52:20 UTC 2013

Hi, Reference:
> From:		Nikolas Britton <nikolas.britton at> 
> Date:		Fri, 27 Sep 2013 12:47:08 -0500 

Nikolas Britton wrote:
> General questions regarding FreeBSD 10:
> 1. Did virtualization containers (VPS) make it into FreeBSD 10? The
> documentation I’ve read implies that you can have nested containers, with
> little to no performance penalty, is this correct? How is networking
> handled inside these containers?
> 2. I'm assuming jails still exist in FreeBSD (I haven’t used BSD in a long
> time),

Then wait for the Release Announcement !!! Yuo'll read it when we do too.

> how do they relate, or fit in, with VPS and Bhyve offerings? Is Xen
> Dom0 or KVM available on FreeBSD?
> 3. Can Bhyve be used with processors that don't support Extended Page
> Tables? For example, Xeon 5400 series processors?
> 4. How well does FreeBSD 10 run as a VMware vsphere , KVM, and/or Xen guest?
> 5: For Jails, VPS, and Bhyve, what is the footprint (i.e. memory overhead)
> for each implementation?
> 6. How stable is FreeBSD's ZFS implementation, relative to Solaris? What
> zpool version is in FreeBSD 10? Is LZ4 the default compression mode?
> 7. Is Clang and the build system setup to automatically target cpu
> instruction set? i.e. cc -target-cpu corei7-avx? Any performance
> improvements of targeted binaries?
> 8. Has ports management gotten any better, specifically upgrading ports?
> Can applications be self contained, like on the Mac, yet? Any work on
> rollback with ZFS?
> 9. I recall device support being a large hurtle for me in the past. How far
> behind is driver development relative to Linux, for server equipment? Has
> there been any community interest in porting FreeBSD (world) to Linux
> (kernel)?
> 10. How is the Java ecosystem on FreeBSD? Is LLVM specific to applications?
> I make the assumption that the VM in LLVM is referring to something like a
> JVM, for code abstraction.
> I haven’t used FreeBSD in ages. 

Then you can afford to wait for the Release Announcement - like the
rest of us - Or if you really wanted to know the answer to all these
question, you wouldnt ask the questions@ list that was created for
beginners quetions, you would go search the archives of the developer
lists, & subscribe some. No subscribing a list doesnt mean you have
to run it, just that you keep yourself informed & dont need to ask
quaestions in advance of reality to the wrong list.

> However, VPS, with ZFS, has me really
> excited; I don’t enjoy Solaris, and Enterprise Linux is still stuck in
> 2009, with kernel 2.6.32. I can’t find any modern linux distributions that
> are as reliable as I remember FreeBSD was. It’s really sad. Thanks!
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