General questions regarding FreeBSD 10

Nikolas Britton nikolas.britton at
Fri Sep 27 17:47:09 UTC 2013

General questions regarding FreeBSD 10:

1. Did virtualization containers (VPS) make it into FreeBSD 10? The
documentation I’ve read implies that you can have nested containers, with
little to no performance penalty, is this correct? How is networking
handled inside these containers?

2. I'm assuming jails still exist in FreeBSD (I haven’t used BSD in a long
time), how do they relate, or fit in, with VPS and Bhyve offerings? Is Xen
Dom0 or KVM available on FreeBSD?

3. Can Bhyve be used with processors that don't support Extended Page
Tables? For example, Xeon 5400 series processors?

4. How well does FreeBSD 10 run as a VMware vsphere , KVM, and/or Xen guest?

5: For Jails, VPS, and Bhyve, what is the footprint (i.e. memory overhead)
for each implementation?

6. How stable is FreeBSD's ZFS implementation, relative to Solaris? What
zpool version is in FreeBSD 10? Is LZ4 the default compression mode?

7. Is Clang and the build system setup to automatically target cpu
instruction set? i.e. cc -target-cpu corei7-avx? Any performance
improvements of targeted binaries?

8. Has ports management gotten any better, specifically upgrading ports?
Can applications be self contained, like on the Mac, yet? Any work on
rollback with ZFS?

9. I recall device support being a large hurtle for me in the past. How far
behind is driver development relative to Linux, for server equipment? Has
there been any community interest in porting FreeBSD (world) to Linux

10. How is the Java ecosystem on FreeBSD? Is LLVM specific to applications?
I make the assumption that the VM in LLVM is referring to something like a
JVM, for code abstraction.

I haven’t used FreeBSD in ages. However, VPS, with ZFS, has me really
excited; I don’t enjoy Solaris, and Enterprise Linux is still stuck in
2009, with kernel 2.6.32. I can’t find any modern linux distributions that
are as reliable as I remember FreeBSD was. It’s really sad. Thanks!

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