[FreeBSD-Announce] vBSDcon Registrations Only Open For 30 More Days!

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Tue Sep 24 00:56:15 UTC 2013

Good points in Brett & Michael's posts, but for brevity not copied.

Best avoid having code written & reviewed just in USA as it would get less
trust globaly, NSA is a known alien mega spy, & USA even coerces non USA 
citizens outside USA, eg

Best encourage FreeBSD sources to be used & suspiciously reviewed by a
variety of programmers & mathematicians/ cryptologists from different
backgrounds & countries;  
  Max chance of loophole reporting with more people from a spectrum
  of countries with rival mutualy distrusting governments from such
  as eg { Britain, China, France, Germany, Israel, North Korea,
  Russia, Syria, USA } etc.

Presumably nearly all of us are cluless on crypto. math. so meantime
encourage involvement of citizens of at least a few different
dis-trusting countries.

Kernels perhaps have less reviewers than cross-OS S/W eg GPG &
Open-SSH etc, so kernels might be target of choice of suborners ?

Maybe FreeBSD Foundation could set up a cheap bonus scheme for security
bugs exposed/ fixed - Special edition coffee mugs, non purchasable,
sent only as a reward, posted globaly free.

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