Unban my second address from the mailing list

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Sun Sep 22 20:03:25 UTC 2013

David Demelier wrote:
> Hi,
> A long time ago, my domain malikania.fr has been banned because of lot
> bounces, now the server is working and running.
> I sometime send some PR directly from my server using this domain, thus
> I would like to be unbanned (the mail wasn't sent and postfix was saying
> that my domain is forbidden...).
> Can you unban my domain please? If I don't post to the good
> mailing-list, just le me know.

No, it's not correct to mail the list for this.
For list specific issues:
	Most lists on Internet use conventions of
	or 	LISTNAME-owner@
	(often admins alias one to the other so both work), 
	so if you get a bounce, mail the other)

	also lists:
	moderators at freebsd.org

But in this case as it's a domain issue, mail
	postmaster at freebsd.org

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