Freebsd support in Adelaide wanted

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Sun Sep 22 13:46:39 UTC 2013

Hi Greg & questions@ etc

> That's massively out of date.  Mike left Adelaide in 1998, and has
> been working for Apple in Cupertino for about 10 years.

OK deleted.

> > Greg Lehey in Echunga +61 8 83888286
> That's out of date too.  I left Adelaide over 6 years ago.  Up-to-date
> information at .

OK Updated.

> > Both are well know in FreeBSD community :-)
> > I've cc'd them both
> Thanks.  Danny did in fact contact me directly, and I think we've
> found somebody for him.

Good :-)

> > PS for other consultants:
> > If you want to be added to geographic indexed table
> > just email me a pre-prepared HTML table enty
> > See:
> It would certainly be a good idea for more eyes to go through this
> list and help you get it up to date.

Updates welcome, preferably in format  diff -c

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