how to log sshd access in a single file

Rick Miller vmiller at
Mon Sep 16 19:41:54 UTC 2013

On Mon, Sep 16, 2013 at 2:44 PM, aurikus grande <aurikus at> wrote:

> >Most web servers handle their own logging.
> I do _not_ want the web server acces to be logged (at least as of now).

Which is fine, but still configured via your web server.

>Have you looked at /var/log/auth.log?
> yes, and as you mentioned in your previous update, it logs the success
> login (only). Unsuccessfull attempts are being sent to  /var/log/messages .
> So there are 2 separate files. I would like to have all sshd access
> attempts in one single file - regardless if they are successfull or
> unsuccessfull.

> Quotation: "I believe FreeBSD defaults to failed ssh authentication is
> logged to /var/log/messages while successful authentication is written to
> /var/log/auth.log."

I was incorrect.  Fail and success are both recorded here.  Even if this
were the case, the best way to accomplish what you're looking for is still

> >Can you elaborate on your reasons for running sshd via inetd? I'm curious
> as I've never even heard of anyone attempting this.
> When i searched how to setup / configure sshd on internet, i found many
> hints to start it using inetd. Since it worked for me there was no reason
> to change it.

In general, most administrators will not run ssh via inetd.  A more common
configuration is detailed in the FreeBSD handbook at

Take care
Rick Miller

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