persistence in freeBSD

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Mon Sep 16 17:45:43 UTC 2013

atar <atar.yosef at> writes:
> What does the '-u' option do? I've not find in the 'mount' man page
> any explanation on this option.

The man page includes:

     -u      The -u flag indicates that the status of an already mounted file
             system should be changed.  Any of the options discussed above
             (the -o option) may be changed; also a file system can be changed
             from read-only to read-write or vice versa.  An attempt to change
             from read-write to read-only will fail if any files on the file
             system are currently open for writing unless the -f flag is also
             specified.  The set of options is determined by applying the
             options specified in the argument to -o and finally applying the
             -r or -w option.

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