ufs recovery

Laszlo Danielisz laszlo_danielisz at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 10 20:38:52 UTC 2013

Dear All,

It looks like I'm able to recover all of the deleted files.
I'm using UFS Explorer Professional Recovery, I'm working on it for more than 30 hours, its a long time but it works!


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On 2013.09.09., at 0:36, kpneal at pobox.com wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 09, 2013 at 12:03:52AM +0200, Roland Smith wrote:
>> On Sun, Sep 08, 2013 at 10:46:35AM +0200, Laszlo Danielisz wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> By mistake I forgot to edit my crontab on my FreeBSD 8.3 after I took out
>>> one of the hard drives.  I had a little rsync script which I used to
>>> synchronise a directory between those two hard drives, because one of the
>>> hard drives were not present anymore and rsync had the --delete parameter I
>>> end up deleting the whole directory, of course with precious informations.
>> Ouch. I have a similar procedure going. But I put it in a shell-script that
>> mounts the destination _and_ checks if the destination is properly mounted _before_
>> starting the rsync. I would suggest you do something similar in the future.
>> Just to be clear, was the information deleted from _both_ harddisks?
> How about using UFS labels and putting the label device into the fstab
> instead of the raw block device? Then if the situation happens again
> the changed block device names will not matter.
> I believe "tunefs -L" will do the trick.
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