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Graeme Dargie arab at tangerine-army.co.uk
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Assuming the disk has not been written to, then making a full DD image of the drive is your 1st step, then make a copy of that DD image and store it somewhere safe in case something goes wrong with the one you are working on. You can try Foremost which can recover data even deleted stuff from a DD image, there was another package that works on the command line but I cannot recall the name of it just now. Your success rate will depend on the type of data you are trying to recover, from experience foremost works better on certain types of files. 

Graeme Dargie
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By mistake I forgot to edit my crontab on my FreeBSD 8.3 after I took out one of the hard drives.
I had a little rsync script which I used to synchronise a directory between those two hard drives, because one of the hard drives were not present anymore and rsync had the --delete parameter I end up deleting the whole directory, of course with precious informations. 

I have ufs on the hdd, after the "accident" I've turned off the computer to avoid any writings on the disk.
Do you have any idea how can I recover the lost directory? 

Thank you!
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