FreeNAS vs. FreeBSD?

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Sun Oct 27 16:13:43 UTC 2013

Forgot to mention THE most important part;

FreeNAS took an imbedded approach of sorts as the OS is run entirely from USB or CDROM.

So you ask "Hey, what about swap?", well a lil swap is created on all your ZFS drives.

I've tested with and w/o swap on a ZFS data set and have seen no degradation in ZFS performance.

Any changes made can be backed up to a file and restored on a fresh install etc... which is simply either the ability to resort to defaults and reboot or a fresh USB key.

Also there jail implementation is EZ PZ.

So for example if you want to install tools like FIO, zfs-mon etc, you simply setup a jail which will have FreeBSD 9.1 in it and pkg_add -r at will.

And to clarify, there 9.1 rel was more like the FreeBSD 9.2 rel in terms of ZFS features as it had LZ4 and TRIM support.

So its more then just a GUI.

However they do not have a well defined or a defined for that matter, roadmap.

FreeBSD has a superb roadmap so all in all I am still undecided on direction, plus I have Solaris and Nexenta in test phase now as well.  Already ran through ZoL.

- aurf

On Oct 27, 2013, at 7:16 AM, C. P. Ghost wrote:

> Hello,
> up until now, I'm used to run FreeBSD on SuperMicro servers
> with ZFS-over-GELI. Works like a charm, and I'm comfortable
> with it w.r.t. administration and so on.
> Now I'm wondering what's the difference to FreeNAS.
> Does FreeBSD endorse FreeNAS (there's no port to FreeNAS
> in the ports tree, that's why I ask), or is it a completely
> different and independent project of unknown quality
> and reputation? Would you advise to keep using FreeBSD
> or should I give FreeNAS a try?
> I know this belongs more to a FreeNAS mailing list, but I'd
> like to know what FreeBSD users think and recommend.
> TIA,
> cpghost.
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