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Fri Oct 25 08:45:00 UTC 2013

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wrote Olivier Nicole thusly...
> >> Thanks, I am looking for something a bit more sophisticated,
> >> that can find images that have been resized, rotated, gone
> >> through some transformations, changed format (gif to png), etc.

I have a modified version ...

... of ...

... (written in Perl) that asks which files to delete when digest
checksum are identical. Else, props ImageMagick window[0] with
similar files shown; after quiting that window, asks about which
files to remove[1].  (The removal can be made automatic at least in
case of identical file size and checksum, if one desires.)

See the URL for background.

  [0] Press "space" key in ImageMagick window to navigate to the
      next set of images for visual comparison.

  [1] The numbers on console|xterm have 0-based index, while
      ImageMagick window has 1-based index. Yes, I need to fix this.


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