click-click in floppy disk drive

Warren Block wblock at
Thu Oct 24 23:03:33 UTC 2013

On Thu, 24 Oct 2013, Polytropon wrote:

>> Likewise, there is another program that scans mounted media in order to
>> refresh the desktop and file utilities when files have been added or
>> removed.  Unfortunately, I can't recall what that program is called at
>> the moment, but it can be told to ignore certain files and directories.
> If I remember correctly, has that been... FAM? The file alteration
> monitor? Something with gamin and libfam? I know I had trouble with
> that stuff on a LXDE installation once...

That's it, gamin!  Here is what I have in /usr/local/etc/gamin/gaminrc:

   poll /usr/home/wblock/Desktop/*
   poll /*
   # fsset ufs poll 10
   fsset ufs poll 10

That did not do what I'd hoped, which was not lock those directories or 
files.  It seems to have had the effect of disabling gamin entirely, 
which I've just lived with.  The first line is the one that should work. 
The last one (I think) tells gamin to poll all UFS filesystems.  But 
again, this did not work as expected.

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