howto recognize the Shift and Alt keys when /pressed\

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Mon Oct 21 23:13:57 UTC 2013

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	fellow C hackers,

	okay, ive been here since before noon.  I have gotten EVERY key
	#including the F-keys { 1 to 12 }.  all of then play my click.wav
	file that is a series of 1275 characters.  my program is
	significantly more efficient that the 3 or 4 python scripts.  on
	my 1.6GHz eee-asus, the program takes seconds for it to
	play the wave file.

	even ESC works; the arrow keys, everything.  I cant figure out gow
	to fet the left and right shift, alt, anf control keys.  
	xev fails me here: is says that the leftShift is 0xffe1 or in
	dec 65505.

	can anybody figure out what I need to do to fix this?--the Last



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