freebsd-update upgrade -r 7.4-RELEASE-p12

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Sun Oct 20 11:02:11 UTC 2013

Sorry for the delay Mark

On Thu, 10 Oct 2013 12:07:20 -0500
Mark Felder <feld at> wrote:

> You are incorrect. The output of uname -a is taken from the kernel and
> cannot be updated without installing a new kernel.

>From uname and uname(3) man pages,

"An environment variable composed of the string UNAME_ followed by any
 flag to the uname utility (except for -a) will allow the corresponding
 data to be set to the contents of the environment variable."

The -a flag behave as though the options -m, -n, -r, -s, and -v were specified. Freebsd-update can modify /root/.profile or better, /etc/profile, adding those environment variables with correct and update values.

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