FreeBSD Make question

Pascal Schmid pascal at
Thu Oct 17 19:41:41 UTC 2013

On 10/17/2013 09:18 PM, Thomas Mueller wrote:
>> I'm trying to write a Makefile for FreeBSD Make (not GNU Make), with target
>> names containg spaces.
>> Example:
>> MY_TARGET=/home/joe/directory name with spaces/hello.c
>> ${MY_TARGET}:
>     @echo ${.TARGET}
>> The output is truncated to '/home/joe/directory'
>> Is there any possible way to escape this properly?
>> I have read all the documentation I could find, and tried several ways
>> solving this problem, using quotes, escapes, substitutions.
>> The output is the same if as use sh, bash, or tcsh, so it isn't shell
>> related.
>> Are spaces simply not possible to use in target names?
>> If I'm on the wrong list, or someone could point me into any direction to
>> solve this, I would gladly appreciate any hints.
>> Best Regards,
>> Johan
> I believe that in (quasi-)Unix in general, including FreeBSD and Linux, 
> you use backslash to escape an embedded space in directory or file names.
> Backslash causes the following character to be interpreted as an ordinary 
> character with no special meaning.
> Try
> MY_TARGET=/home/joe/directory\ name\ with\ spaces/hello.c
> Tom
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Have you tried different quotes? "'" does not have the same effect as "`" (backtick).

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