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> I have 4 battery backups that I think are the older big brother of
> the one that Eric is using. APC 900. I have replaced the batteries
> with external Stationary Batteries. (Look like truck batteries, but
> have small bolt on connections for backup systems.) I have them
> hooked up in a cage beside the backups  in my shed. I have used the
> backups for up to 10 hours of uptime as a test.

how long does it take to recharge the battery?
> Here in Hawaii on Oahu island where I live, power outages are common. 

The moment the name of an island sound so good that you want to live on
it, they have problems with electricity. I am currently in Bali which
is not so bad but Jawa is real bad if you do not live near the power

> Many people have installed solar now since a car hitting an electric 
> pole is almost a daily problem. As is a contractor digging and
> breaking cables. Corroded fuses blowing on power line transformers
> are also a major problem on any Pacific island. One of my clients
> went down for 7 hours during the busy time last week for business.
> They do have backup for gracefully shutting down computers that lasts
> about 30 minutes, so they can get the customers cashed out with their
> purchases,
What are 7h down-time? Just a coffee break. It happens in Jawa very
often. Diesel generators are a good investment there.

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