UPS buying suggestion

yudi v yudi.tux at
Wed Oct 16 02:44:02 UTC 2013

> These are very expensive UPS systems when new, but can sometimes be found
> at school and local government auctions for about 3% of retail price.  The
> batteries are always bad, but not difficult to replace. Well, the rackmount
> ones are stuck in with double-sided tape, and take some convincing.  These
> are standard sealed lead-acid batteries, used for building emergency
> lights, alarm systems, and well, computer UPSes.
> Sounds wise but unfortunately I cannot find any used ones.

> The Back-UPS units are better than nothing, but avoid the fat power strip
> style.

why would you say avoid the fat power strip ones, they are the low end ones
but they have the standard plugs unlike the more expensive ones.
I really don't want to spend more than $200 ore even less if possible. My
server only cost me $500.

As I have mentioned previously someone wants to sell an unwanted APC
Smart-UPS SC 420VA
they got with their new PC for half price, I am thinking of going for it.

Kind regards,

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