FreeBSD, Centos and ZFS

aurfalien aurfalien at
Sat Oct 12 15:53:59 UTC 2013


I would like to first say that by no means is this a "hey, why is my Mac faster then my PC" kind of email.

I'm really hoping its an LSI driver issue.

My hardware;

39 SATA drives via SAS expanders
2 SSD for ZIL
2 SSD for L2Arc
128GB ECC Ram
Intel 2400SC Mobo
2 Xeon E5 Hexacore procs
2 LSI 9207 HBAs
1 LSI 9206 HBA

I've 13 vdev RaidZ setup.

Not a super system, but not a shabby one either.

Used local (non network) IOzone and dd tests for some simple prelim testing just to gauge were I'm at with this bad boy.

My ZFS tunables are the same BTW as I did some tweaks.

My CentOS 6.4 box is a solid 20-30% faster then my FreeBSD 9.2 box.  I've the graphs if any one is interested.

But I'm hoping that some one has ran into this and that yes, there are some tweaks one can do to the LSI driver?  I guess?  Perhaps a sysctl value?

I didn't want to vomit too much info in my first email about this so yes, its meant to be some what general with some decent info to get the dialogue started.

Many thanks in advance for any insight.

Linux is not an option as it does not return pre attributes on write replies which is important in our mostly NFS env.

- aurf

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