Geli and ZFS

yudi v yudi.tux at
Wed Oct 9 04:43:58 UTC 2013

 There are few different ways to set-up geli with ZFS. I just want to get
some opinions (benefits and disadvantages) about the below two options

*First option*: (most commonly encountered set-up)

Have geli on the block device and ZFS on top of the geli provider.
Second option:*

Create a ZFS Volume on a block device, then create geli provider on top of
the ZFS volume, and finally, ZFS datasets on top.

Generally, it's recommended to let ZFS manage the whole disk if possible,
so I was wondering if the second option is better.
I will be using couple of 3TB HDDs mirrored for data and want to encrypt

I am hoping someone with an in-depth understanding of ZFS will be able to
offer some insight.

Kind regards,

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